About us.

We are the curators and creators of arms and armour of various designs across several dimensions and universes. All manner of woven cloth from distant lands is offered as magicians robes or bespoke loin cloths, fit only for the most discerning of berserkers.

Exotic lumber is acquired by our expert team of wood elves from across the known world and shaped into wands of power as well as other tools and curio for the practice of offensive, defensive and creative magics. Even the most learned mage might find themselves awed by some of our pieces.

On occasion we may also present the opportunity for other more unusual finds from across the multiverse. A dwarven muzzle loader pistol for instance. Found in the deep dark mines of Karag Dum by one of our agents. A glowing dragon scale cloak is currently undergoing repair as well.

When a collector finds they are missing that one crucial piece for their hoard of treasure acquired from far and wide, they come see us.

Each piece in our collection is unique and some come with their own lore scrolls. Some of the literature for these pieces comes from the history behind the Felenari universe, most of which is currently not available to the public but will be in the next few years if time permits.

-The Runesmith.

Felenari Armoury does NOT do custom work at this time. It’s not you it’s me. I have my hands very full this year with a new baby and school.